Line Up Changes


March 17, 2014

Contact; Rich Farmer

By Brian Liskai

FREMONT, Ohio – Fremont Speedway will incorporate a new point system to crown its champions in 2014. There are also new race night procedures determining race line-ups.

410 Sprints

  • 1 Lap Single Car Qualifying (if you miss your qualifying position by more than 3 spots you will not start the heat any better than 7th and the feature no better than 11th

  • Heat inversion will be a 6

  • In a 3 heat format the top 5 cars will transfer from the heat and in a 4 heat format the top 4 cars will transfer from the heat.

  • Top 6 cars (based on qualifying times) will make up the 6 car dash

  • Dash inversion will be based on a dice roll (0,4, or 6)

  • Finishing order of the dash will be the starting order of the features first 3 rows.

  • Dash may be canceled due to weather, time, or track conditions. In such case the inversion will make the feature starting line up.

  • Feature cars that did not make the inversion will be lined straight up by qualifying times.

  • B main transfer cars will be lined up straight up by times starting no better than 11th in the feature.

305 Sprints & Dirt Trucks

  • 3 Lap Qualifying – 3-4 cars at a time during hot lap session (if you miss your hot lap session you will get no time. Hot Lap order will be by pill draw.)

  • Heat Inversion will be 6.

  • Feature line-up will be straight up by times with an inversion by a dice roll (6 or 8)

  • B-cars will be lined straight up by times.

  • B-main transfers will start behind ALL A-main Heat transfers, by the order of finish of the B-main.

Alternates will be allowed for all Divisions. Alternates would race for prize money only NO POINTS will be given for alternates.

Car \Driver Substitutions will NOT be allowed. The car AND the driver, as a “team” must qualify for the A-main either through their heat race or the B-main.

  • If you take a green flag in Qualifying, you will receive at least 1 point for Qualifying.

  • If you take a green flag in a heat you will receive at least 1 point for the heat.

  • If you qualified for the A-main but did not take the green flag (scratched) you be awarded 67 Points

  • A main – alternates will not receive any A-main points

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