Fremont Speedway presents the inaugural WAR ON WHEELS on Saturday, October 29th.

The primary event will be provided by the 80's & Newer No Protector Cars. Qualifying heats will be a 10-15 lap enduro around the Fremont Speedway dirt track. Looking at Top 5 finishers from each heat and conciliation heat will qualify for the feature event (depending on hiw many cars show up). Feature will be a full blown demolition derby, with the winner receiving $10,000!

For all the NON qualifiers of the 80s and newer feature event. We are having a last chance demo derby at the end of the night for $2,000 to win. This will be a one run deal.

Will have the following classes and events with the following payout.
80's & Newer No Protector - $10,000 to Win. (Enduro Heats & Derby Feature).
Last Chance Demo - $2,000 to win.
Compact Car - $2,000 to win. (Enduro Heat & Derby Feature).
Fullsize Truck - $1,000 to win. (Derby Only).
Fullsize Car Weld Class - $1,000 to win. (Derby Only).

Accepting a maximum 100 cars for the 80's No Protector Class.

This event is brought to you by Fremont Speedway. Fair Demolition Derby Promoters has been acquired provide build regulations, to inspect and enforce the rules. This is Fremont Speedway's event, and we are happy to be a part of it.

Any potential sponsors interested in being a part of this new and exciting event should contact Rich Farmer with the Fremont Speedway.

Any questions on the rules and regulations for the vehicle builds should come to Bill Marett - 419-681-6121.

Details are still being ironed out. Enduro heats will incorporate various track conditions and smashing/crashing can be expected. Winning cars will be impounded until qualifying heats are finished so everyone has equal preparation time for the feature event.

All participants must bring candy to pass out to the children. A 1 hour trick or treat event will take place around 6 or 7 p.m. If you don't bring candy, you don't participate.

Entry fee for the 80's and Newer No Protector is $100 per car. The car qualifies for the feature, not the driver. If you would like to substitute drivers, that is permitted.

Entry fee for other classes is $50.

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